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Bruce Enlow
Missions Ministry Director

Bruce Enlow has been a member of GBBC since it's inception. During his time here, he has seen God bless in a variety of ways.

At the age of nine, Bro. Enlow accepted Christ as his Saviour.

For the past several years, Bro. Enlow has organized the missions program. He is responsible for corresponding with our missionaries on a weekly basis. He and his wife organize and facilitate the annual missions garage sale at GBBC. All of the proceeds from this sale go to our missionaries to help further their work in the ministry. 

When not working with the missions program, you will find Bro. Enlow singing in the opening assembly with the Sunday School children. Bro. Enlow has a knack with the children to get them to sing out as loud as they can. 

We are truly grateful to have Bro. Enlow and his family as part of our church. Bro. & Mrs. Enlow have one daughter, Hannah.

For additional information regarding our missionaries, please contact Tina Enlow at (317) 796-7379.